Title Summary
The Way it's Remembered Fandom: Wilby Wonderful. Duck/Dan.
Ordinary Miracles Fandom: Wilby Wonderful. Duck/Dan.
Battlegrounds Fandom: Wilby Wonderful. Duck/Dan.
What we have here is a failure to communicate Fandom: Numb3rs. Gen.
Statistical Improbability Fandom: Numb3rs. Gen. Long (16,000 words). Charlie vanishes. Don looks for him.
Traders snippet Fandom: Traders. Grant Jansky.
Great Deeds Fandom: Harry Potter. Gen, Lily Evans.
Hikaru No Go: Two Five Things Meme Ficlets Fandom: Hikaru No Go. Slash, Shindou/Touya.
Four Things That Dylan and Jez Don't Have in Common, and One They Do Fandom: Shooting Fish. Slash, Dylan/Jez.
Before Fandom: Torchwood. Slash. Jack/Ianto.
Curiosity Fandom: Torchwood. Slash. Jack/Ianto.
I Wrote This Story About Patrick Stump And Jon Walker And All I Got Was This Stupid Title Fandom: Bandslash RPS. Slash. Patrick/JonWalker. How Patrick got his 5o4Plan hat.
Might Be Prince's Guitar Fandom: Bandslash RPS. Slash. Patrick/Miyavi, Patrick/Pete. Long (11,300 words)! Cracktastic! (Fall Out Boy meets Japanese Rock!) Written with and inspired by doll_revolution.
When Drummers Harmonize, or, How Bob Got Patrick Laid Fandom: Bandslash RPS. Slash. Patrick/Bob. Bob was never exactly certain how he and Patrick ended up sharing an apartment in LA.
Top Note of the Melody Fandom: Bandslash RPS. Slash. Patrick/Bob. A companion piece to When Drummers Harmonize, from Patrick's POV.
Laying Down The Bassline Fandom: Bandslash RPS. Slash. Joe/Pete (background Patrick/Bob). Sequel to When Drummers Harmonize. A week in Joe's life: badly edited videos set to Barry White, dying mermaids, Star Wars, far more ABBA than you might expect, and Pete.
Save It For The Bedroom Fandom: Bandslash RPS. Slash. Patrick/Bob. Bob and Patrick bond in the face of adversity, Warped Tour and sappy bandmates.
This Outward Seeming Fandom: Bandslash RPF. Gen. All-American Rejects. Sometimes it seems like every time he stops long enough to look in the mirror, he's someone new .
Blame It On The Love (Of Rock 'n Roll) Fandom: Bandslash RPF. Gen. All-American Rejects + Jon Bon Jovi. Tyson & Nick appeared on the JBJ MTV Unplugged show, and JBJ calls Nick Wheeler "Nicky". This is the story I made up to go with that.