Title Summary
The Jacket Effect For scrimmettes Canuck Challenge: Part 1 of 3 (Bruno/Boots)
Alterations For scrimmettes Canuck Challenge: Part 2 of 3 (Bruno/Boots)
Imperfect Fit For scrimmettes Canuck Challenge: Part 3 of 3 (Bruno/Boots)
Being Weird: A B&B Christmas Story Boots thinks he and Bruno might be weird (Bruno/Boots).
Bruno, run! ficlet "Bruno, run! That's not oatmeal!" (Bruno/Boots)
Do you think..? ficlet "Do you think the Fish ever? ... Nevermind." (Bruno/Boots)
B&B Snippet Snippet (Bruno/Boots pre-slash)
Punchline Boots sometimes thinks his life so far sounds like the opening of a joke (Bruno/Boots, slash)
A Band Called Fish "We're Canadian, we know how to rock." Also know as the Rockstar!AU (Bruno/Boots, Bugs/Adam, slash). You can also read a missing scene for this story, some backstory for Adam & Bugs, a Sidney ficlet, and The Inbox of Melvin "Boots" O'Neal (Rockstar) in the same universe.
Towels A ficlet for ReginaGiraffe(Bruno/Boots pre-slash)
Five Times Bruno Walton Did Something Sensible For the Five Things Meme (Bruno/Boots, slash)
Five Times Bruno Cheered Boots On To Victory For the Five Things Meme (Bruno/Boots, slash)
Five things the counsellors of Algonkian Island will never forget For the Five Things Meme (Bruno/Boots, slash)
Five Future Stories I Am Not Writing For Bruno & Boots, No, Really (Bruno/Boots, gen/slash)
Fishlips Mike overhears something about Rudy (IWTGH! Mike/Rudy)
Desperate For the Cluedo Meme: Mike/Rudy, woods, "desperate"
Something Up "Miller! What are you doing? (Mike/Rudy)
First Kiss For the first kiss meme (Mike/Rudy)
When He Was Good In later years, Mike Webster would say that it took five attempts before Rudy Miller's attempted seduction of him took, so to speak. (Mike/Rudy)
A Very Long Summer The IWtGH! Epic -- 37,000 words. Mike and Rudy go back to Camp Algonkian Island... as counsellors! (Mike/Rudy, PG)
Or read a DVD Commentary version (contains spoilers).
Epilogue II the vaguely AU future!fic in the same universe. Epilogue III, a further continuation. Various ficlets in the same universe: Five Emotions Mike Made Rudy Miller Show, Five Guys Mike Never Dated, Five Times Rudy Miller Smiled, Halloween, Something Extraordinary, A Thousand Words, Christmas Kisses.
Also to read: an 11,500 word, mostly original character spin-off from AVLS here.
You can also download a 200+MB zip file containing four hours of podcast (MP3) of the original story and Epilogue II. Hosted by Perian.